Elections in Puerto Rico:
November 5, 1996 General Election Canvass

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The final results of the 1996 general election canvass are available in this space. These were compiled from election unit-level data issued by the Commonwealth Elections Commission (CEE) on December 18, 1996 - subsequently corrected and updated by the Commission - and from precinct-level reports of the depuration of voter registration rolls issued by the CEE on March 11, 1997, courtesy of then Second Vice Chairman of the CEE, Mr. Néstor Colón-Berlingeri, and of the agency's Office of Information Systems and Electronic Processing (OSIPE).

Although the CEE found a number of discrepancies in the election night preliminary canvass totals, the general canvass did not produce significant changes in the final results of the election - in which discrepancies still appear in some election units. However, these discrepancies do not significantly change the islandwide outcome of the election.

Blank and void ballots were taken into account to calculate the percentages shown in the results for elective offices. The differences between this method and the one used on previous elections are explained in the canvass notes.

Unless otherwise indicated, the reports listed below are in Spanish. 1996 election results can also be obtained in English using the election results lookup system and the legislative results lookup facility.